Welcome to the Love Pilates Center website. This small, quiet personal studio is located in the Grayhawk area of Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Our clientele ranges from professional athletes to the injured and incapacitated. Individual goals and needs are addressed with a fully customized session experience.

Enjoy Pilates taught in the Eve Gentry lineage. Use of the Pilates Universal Reformer, Trapeze Tower, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector and Mat are available for your lessons.

Z-Health is the most complete training system available. Your sessions have a focus on your brain to eliminate pain and to learn movement drills fo help you perform to your best abilities. Therapy is offered as needed for your scars and addressing restrictions in your tissues that may be holding you back from moving and feeling your best. Breathing, Vision and Vestibular systems may be addressed.

Learn movement and self-training skills to prevent and recover from injuries. Do you want to feel better and to enjoy life doing what you want to do and do it to your best ability? With a focus on your brain, where all that you do and who you are comes from, become who you want to be in your sport or life!

The concept for this studio started in Prescott, Arizona. The owner of Love Pilates Center began her fitness career in 2009 by managing and training at her mother’s Prescott fitness center and then opened His n Hers Pilates studio before moving to Scottsdale.

Holly Thompson, Owner
Holly Thompson, Owner


Pilates Core Integration Certified Comprehensive Pilates Teacher, PMA®-CPT, Z-Health (R, I, S, T, 9s), Level 3 NKT®, Level 3 CFSS, ACE

Pilates Method Alliance Certified Teacher