Holly’s Bio

PCI Holly Thompson Handstand
Holly spotting Handstand exercise on the Pilates Ladder Barrel.

Holly Thompson is the Owner of Love Pilates Center and a Certified Pilates Teacher through the Pilates Method Alliance. I grew up competing in tennis, basketball and soccer with parents into athletics. My mother opened a fitness center, as a senior. I managed the facility and trained the employees and clients. I was recommended Michele Larsson’s teacher training for Pilates. She mentored me after I completed Pilates training under one of her six hand picked teachers. I was mentored with a focus on spinal conditions and rehab.  I am a 3rd generation teacher of the Pilates Method, in Eve Gentry’s lineage.  Continuing education is vital and I take many courses on anatomy and functional movement regularly. Teaching  quality pain – free movement is my passion and I specialize in pain reduction through Z-Health for stress and “threat” reduction, NeuroKinetic Therapy for addressing muscular compensation patterns and Pilates for strength training and movement with a body-mind focus. All these modalities work together for structural change. The goal is balance and joy in your activities. I look forward to working with you.

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