Get moving this summer with these classes! 

Pilates & Sports Fundamentals
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Small group class for core strengthening Pilates and Sports Movement Fundamentals. Focus is on improving your over-all strength, balance, vision and movement abilities.
Dynamic Joint  Mobility
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Rehabilitate and re-educate your nervous system with dynamic joint mobility restoration training! Joint mobility and joint strength training drills from your toes to your cranium! Then, basic Pilates core exercises and stretching to complete each hour long class.

#3 Pillars of Movement (12 class course)

See well, balance well, move well

The 3 Pillars are vision skill, balance and movement. If you can’t see well, you can’t move well. Every way you move is a direct reflection of your brain. Learn how to de-bug your nervous system to feel and perform your best. You will improve your Golf game, improve your balance and your vision. Finally, get rid of those glasses! Learn why you feel unstable and what to do to train. Come to this course to find out what it’s all about! Limited spaces available.

Sessions 5-8 stared May 9th, 2018.

Sessions 9- 12 begin in August.

New course starting at Sessions 1-12 begins Monday, June 18,  2018  and meets weekly for 12 classes. Call for schedule.

We meet every at 1:45 – 3pm weekly.