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Group classes are held at:

5040 E. Shea Blvd., Suite 151

Phoenix, AZ 85254


Mat Pilates Core

Group class to strengthen those abs! Abdominal toning through classical Pilates, breath-work for focus and core strength and use of props. Much of the class will be lying on your back, on hands and knees positions, on your stomach and seated on the floor.


Learn, do, move with the THREE PILLARS of Neuro – Fitness workshop!

Do you want to feel better? Are you tired of your nagging pain? Are you recovering from a recent injury and not sure what to do? Have you limited your movement potential? Don’t stop moving! Come to this workshop to learn the “hacks” for your nervous system! If you are not addressing vision in your training, you are missing out! The vestibular system is in charge of your balance!! If you are training balance and not getting better, do you know about this intricate system in your inner ear?
Learn & train these THREE SYSTEMS! Get the results you have been looking for.

Don’t miss this opportunity for last 2018 workshop. Starts November 2nd.