Facial Stretch & NeuroKinetic Therapy


Fascial Stretch Therapy

FST is an innovative system of stretching and passive joint mobilizations performed by your certified FST specialist.

  • Relax on the massage table, while a series of stretches on your upper and lower body are performed by your stretch specialist.
  • Assessments may be done to evaluate your range of motion and movement capabilities.
  • FST is pain-free.
  • Wear clothes with some stretch in them for comfort and come hydrated to your FST session.
  • FST can enhance and elevate your mood and your sense of well-being!
  • Experience the feeling of increased flexibility now!


NeuroKinetic Therapy®

NKT is a muscle testing technique that is used to help identify muscles that are weak and inhibited or tight, inflexible and over-worked.

Your Advanced NKT practitioner can evaluate the strength and weakness of each muscle tested. Fascial Stretching, or movement drills will be used to activate or inhibit the nervous system to teach you how to regain your strength, flexibility and balance. Finally get relief, recover from prior injures and feel better, move better!

  • Immediate feedback from how your muscles are testing.
  • Your NKT Therapist is an Advanced, Level 3 Practitioner.
  • Scars and prior injuries may be assessed and addressed. Scars can contribute to pain and weakness you are experiencing. Ask your therapist about scars or tattoos.
  • Ligament and tendons may be assessed to help identify areas of weakness of sources of pain that could be holding you back from your best squat or golf swing.
  • Muscle testing is done in sports specific positions, seated, standing and / or lying down.


Mobility, vision or balance drills and assessments may be a part of your session.