FST Stretch Therapy / Neuro

Neuro Therapy (Z-Health)

Neuro Therapy for pain management and performance enhancement.

  • Assessments for your gait and movement ability for your brain-based fitness session.
  • Using Z-Health for joint mobility, and sensory system activations.
  • Your vision and vestibular systems may be addressed for enhanced capabilities and/or pain management.
  • NKT Muscle testing may be used and scars may be addressed.

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)

FST is an innovative system of stretching and passive joint mobilizations performed by a certified FST specialist.

  • You relax on the massage table, while a series of stretches on your upper and lower body are performed by your therapist.
  • Assessments may be done to evaluate your range of motion and movement.
  • FST is pain-free.

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