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Offering Neuro-Performance Personal Training, Private Coaching Sessions and Pilates Teaching! Private sessions are in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Chandler areas! Online sessions available for out of town, international clients and for you to learn/train from your own home.


Holly Thompson

Teacher – Trainer – Coach

At a young age, I competed in tennis, soccer and basketball. I was a goalie for a soccer team that was nationally ranked and played high school tennis.  During high school, I started a punk band and we sold out all ages shows on the weekends. Music and sport have been loves of my life for many reasons. 

After turning down an offer to perform in an internationally touring band, I dedicated myself fully to teaching Pilates and Personal Training  by  opening a Pilates studio and going head first into business owning and operating! At this studio,  clients came for weight loss, strength, flexibility and pain relief/recovery and were getting tremendous results. 

My passion for helping people reach their goals led me on an on-going journey of deep studies and practice with friends, colleagues and clients in mastering anatomy and Pilates, neuroscience-based fitness assessments and other hands-on modalities.

As your personal coach,  plan on working together as we look at your health history for what has and has not worked in the past, so I can be your guide on a path using my experience and skillset. 

I am a certified Personal fitness trainer, Pilates teacher, Z-Health Practitioner, NeuroKinetic Therapist and Stretch Therapist. We can use any modalities to get you where you want to be going. 

My clientele has included the severely disabled to the Olympic and professional athlete and much in between. This includes the elderly, post-stroke, back pain, post-rehabilitation, seeking weight loss, improving appearance, among others. 

Working with me is taking a step towards your journey of self-empowerment! Plan to “step outside of your normal movement box”, whatever that may be and start moving towards YOUR GOALS!

Interested in working with me? Email me to request a session and for more information including costs and locations for training and coaching. 

Email: hollythompson1@mac.com

Text: 480-381-0800

Z-Health® Certified Practitioner, Fascial Stretch Specialist Level 3, NeuroKinetic Therapy® Advanced, ACE Certified Personal Trainer , PMA® -CPT Certified Pilates Teacher,