Welcome to Love Pilates Center website!! Available by appointment only in the Paradise Valley area of Phoenix, Arizona and close to freeways for your convenience.

Our athletes range from the high-level to kids and the elderly. Are you recovering from an injury or looking for a solution to your pain? Do you want to learn what the elite movers are doing? Have you tried the others, but not the best?

Push past your boundaries!

Your brain is your CEO of movement. With the focus on your brain and nervous system, Love Pilates Center gives you personal attention with a fully customized session, based on your health history and goals.

 If you are having pain, you are not performing well. Let’s work together to reduce your pain levels. If you are not having pain, let’s assess your movement and move towards to your highest potential. 

Learn Pilates, get sports development with the latest neurology – focussed tools, or get an appointment for FST Fascial Stretch Therapy, all at Love Pilates Center!

We are here to assist and help guide you towards a better, happier you!

Owner – Coach, Holly


Z-Health® Certified Practitioner Advanced, Pilates Core Integration Comprehensive Teacher, Advanced NeuroKineticTherapy® NKT, Fascial Stretch Therapy™ Specialist FST/CFSS, ACE Certified Personal Trainer