Welcome to the Love Pilates Center website. Physical location in the Paradise Valley area of Phoenix!

Our clientele ranges from the high-level professional athlete to kids, the elderly and the recovering injured.  Learn how to move better and why you have not been able to push past your boundary. Recover, rehabilitate, learn, move at Love Pilates Center!

Your brain is your CEO of movement. With the focus on your brain and nervous system, Love Pilates Center gives you personalized attention with a fully customized experience based on your health history and goals. Looking for a better score, do you keep falling short of your target? Are you tired of people telling you to just deal with it? Do you know there is a better option than what you have tried before?

 If you are having pain, you are not performing well. Let’s work together to reduce your pain levels. If you are not having pain, let’s assess your movement and move towards to your highest potential. 

The concept for this studio started in 2009 in Prescott, Arizona at my mother’s fitness center where I launched my career managing and training at the facility. Then, after opening and operating His n Hers Pilates for 4  years in Prescott, I relocated to Scottsdale. The mission began to train a broad range athletes. You are an athlete! Whether you make money or not using your body, you use your body to live,  which is of the highest value.

Holly Thompson, Owner
Holly, Owner


Z-Health® Certified Practitioner (R, I, S, T, 9S), Pilates Core Integration Comprehensive Teacher, Advanced NeuroKinetic Therapy®, Fascial Stretch Therapy™ Specialist FST/CFSS, ACE Certified Personal Trainer