Holly Thompson; Visionary | Owner | Teacher

At a young age, I competed in tennis, soccer and basketball after school.  In Atlanta, we played soccer rain or shine and sometimes it was muddy. I hated running, but loved sport. Anything with a ball, and preferred independence over strict rules. My mother wanted me and my sister to open a gym back in the 1990s. I was working at the time as an audio engineer in Los Angeles, and although it seemed interesting, I stayed at my computer based job.  After the stress from that industry started taking it’s toll, I left California for a more laid-back small town in Northern Arizona and gave up my career. My mother still had her dream to open a women’s fitness center and I helped her do it in Arizona. I became a personal trainer and was challenged by how difficult it was for me to gain any muscle and was suffering with some nutritional deficits. I dove right in and began a learning and exploration path of movement systems, anatomy and neuroscience. Ten years later,  I am an expert in physical training with advanced certifications in NeuroKinetic Therapy, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Z-Health Performance Solutions and Pilates. I love to move my body and keep strong and am passionate about sports. Ask me what I love to play! 



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