Holly Thompson; Owner – Teacher – Trainer

At a young age, I competed in tennis, soccer and basketball after school. I was a goalie for a soccer team that was nationally ranked and played high school tennis.  As a young adult,  I toured with a musical act and worked in the audio industry for several years. 

That computer based job, no mater how creative, was not a posture I wanted as I aged! My mother had a dream to open a women’s fitness center to help people heal in an encouraging and positive environment. I changed careers to manage the facility and eventually trained the employees and clients in private and group training sessions.

After accepting an invitation to train in Pilates and become a Pilates teacher to take over a well respected colleague’s business, I fell in love with Pilates as a movement system. It changed my life and I became fully dedicated to a lifestyle of movement and education in the fields of anatomy, neuroanatomy, sports, and fundamental and functional movement systems.  In 2012, I opened my first Pilates studio to further assist healing with movement from aging, surgeries and inactivity.  

Continually on a learning path of modern neuroscience,  I love playing  tennis, drums and guitar, and play with two fabulous cats at home!

Interested in working with me? It all begins with YOUR history.…. Check this out! Text, call or email me to request a session.