Holly Thompson, owner

I competed in tennis, soccer and basketball starting at a young age. It was fun and my parents were supportive. In high school I started a rock n’ roll band to create some independence and wound up opening a record store after high school in San Francisco! In an attempt to finally “grow up” after playing guitar in bands and working as a freelance engineer for many years, I got into the fitness industry.  Soon I was told I was gifted in anatomy by peers and teachers. I really just studied it, a lot. I began taking many courses in anatomy including many in neuroanatomy.  I hold advanced certifications in NeuroKinetic Therapy, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Z-Health Performance Solutions and Pilates. I am an expert in physical training.  I love to move my body and keep strong with Pilates,  tennis and playing music.

“Activity heals not so much by what it does to tissue, but what it does to the mind. Once safety is assured, the body has less interest in whatever pain messages are coming from the tissue” – FRANK FORENCICH

Interested in working with me? It all begins with the history, with YOUR history….. Check this out before you call or email me.