Holly Thompson

Teacher – Trainer – Coach

At a young age, I competed in tennis, soccer and basketball. I was a goalie for a soccer team that was nationally ranked and played high school tennis.  During high school, I started a punk band and we sold out all ages shows on the weekends. Music and sport have been loves of my life for many different reasons. 

In fact my first big crush in high school was a vegetarian.  I quickly became one to fit in, and found a path of veganism, and eventually eating only fruit for many years. What I ate determined how I felt and interacted with the world. And also effected directly my strength, speed, emotions, sleep, appearance and ability to work and create. Being a performer inspired me to boost my energy levels as much as possible to create and to handle musician gear on a daily basis.

Eventually I opened a Pilates and Facial Stretch Therapy studio and have served many clients on their path to less pain, more strength, improvements in flexibility and weight loss. I love what I do sharing my knowledge gained from my many advanced certifications, apprenticeships, thousands of hours of teaching private sessions, reading and current study, weeks off every year for continuing education.

Interested in working with me? Email me to request a session. My 2019 schedule is currently full, but I am accepting invitations to teach workshops.