Today’s news June 25, 2019

Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise in Stroke Recovery

It seems like new popular exercise programs and centers have veered away from truly vigorous or even moderate to vigorous cardio exercising. New studies have been showing the benefits to anti-aging, lymph system, breath capacity, happiness, intelligence recovery after stroke and over-all brain health and better functioning with rigorous exercise. Creating a change in your life, your health, your recovery requires something different than what you are currently doing. If you are not including vigorous exercise in your program, ask me to guide you towards some options that you may enjoy. This type of exercise doesn’t have to be grueling. Schedule an online private training session, in-home personal training or even a Pilates lesson with me to discuss your movement and health history and to discuss some options for beginning a rigorous exercise and brain-training customized program for your improved cognitive function, recovery, healing and a happier life! You spend much more time with your personal trainer than your doctor. Make sure you have a trainer you can talk to openly about your health and fitness or wellness goals. Text or email me for information about Love Pilates & Training sessions! Holly Thompson; text: 480-381-0800 email

Today’s News June 10, 2019

Now Offering In-Home Training

The fitness industry has been changing, as it should. You see your trainer more often than your family doctor. Your trainer should be educated and up-to-date with current neuroscience and continually changing your workout routines. We adapt to what we do. The SAID principles states that our body’s tissues specially adapt to imposed demands. The change up in your routine, keeps your brain sharp and can be fun as you have to pay attention. This means different neural pathways are firing in your brain. New brain science is showing that a combination of aerobic exercise and brain training is helping with recovery in stroke. Dual tasking brain exercise with cardiovascular helps with your endurance! This keeps you sharp and helps with your survival abilities. This goes for as we age and also in a violent encounter, or in any competitive sports endeavor. Ask me how to incorporate brain training in your Pilates or personal training session at Love Pilates & Training.

Now offering in-home Pilates & training sessions + Fascial StretchTherapy in Scottsdale and Phoenix areas. Text or email to schedule your next appointment.

Move in health and be happy!