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NeuroKinetic Therapy is a muscle testing system. This service is offered in-session for any private in-person training as an assessment tool. Muscle testing is done in athletic specific positions, if you have pain or you want more strength.

If you are having generalized pain, muscle testing can be done with you lying on a massage table as long as that position helps reduce your pain.

If you are having acute and chronic pain and unable to lie down in any position on a table without pain, other types of assessments may be needed and/or you may be referred out.

Muscle testing can be a great tool for checking sport or exercise specific positions, for example if you want to improve your left hand grip strength or compare the muscle activation of your left hamstring with the right. NKT can also be used to test neck and back muscles.

With the results from the muscle testing, your training session will then target specific nerves and joints that were resulting in your weak muscle test. And you will be re-tested to insure your strength and pain reduction goals are being met.

Often nerves will respond to adding tension or releasing tension through specific exercises you will learn at your session and your pain or weakness will improve as more muscle testing is done in your session.

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