NKT sessions can be done while you are on the massage table or in athletic positions, depending on your goals. If you keep chasing pain, and are not getting results or answers that last, NKT may be the answer. You will have immediate results of how your body’s muscles are testing. After a consultation and assessment, your muscle testing session will begin. Your nervous system responds instantly when a change had been applied. Your brain interprets sensory information and threats and decides your outputs including strength and pain outputs.

NKT is referred to as “the missing link.” Holly Thompson is a Level 3, Advanced Neurokinetic Therapist with a passion in anatomy and helping people get rid of pain to start enjoying life more fully. She is also an expert in physical movement and a Fascial Stretch Specialist. You will receive hands on therapy for Fascial Stretching or corrective exercise instruction to lower your brain’s interpretation of the threat that is contributing to your pain, inability to lose weight, reduced flexibility and strength.

NKT is a great choice to get started on reducing your pain by getting quick results from muscle testing. See and feel instant results!