“Make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant.”  – Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

High performance requires hours of deep and deliberate practice. Training with a neurocentric approach targets your nervous system for instant change. With personalized assessments for your  flexibility, strength, balance and visual skills, you will re-assess in every session to insure you are moving towards your goals. Tired of guessing? Do you feel worse after your current training? Have you had repeated injuries from sports or training? A neurocentric approach gets rid of guessing. Your nervous systems changes instantly and you will learn how to know what your training is doing to your brain.

Training sessions are customized for your goals and assessed and re-assessed in every session to insure you are moving as fast as possible, but not too fast to your goals.

Some days are for training harder and some days hard recovery pushes you more forward. Stop taking steps back and train to progress and improve.

Training is custom for your goals. If you play sport, drive, read or want to avoid falling, your visual system will likely be showing deficits that can be improved with training.

If you have fatigue, run out of breath, experience dizziness, balance issues or have a weak drive in golf or weak forehand in tennis, your balance and stability may need specific training to improve with precision.

Neurocentric training is not guessing. Your training sessions are based on your personal health history. Your scars, falls, and movement history tells a story of your passions, fears and things you gravitate towards or avoid. This information helps with customizing your training to help you find your passion in movement and ways to improve that you like. When you like your training, you improve faster.

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